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Baby Elephant Was Washed Away In Flooded River, Now Follows His Human Mom Everywhere

Sadly wildlife is being exploited too many times just for us to be entertained for several minutes or for us to get clothing made out of their fur or skin. They live their lives suffering until the last moment they breathe.

But while there are bad people who hurt animals, there are some who dedicate their lives to helping them.

Meet Moyo, a sweet baby elephant who was abandoned on the shore of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. The poor animal was just a few days old when he was left to fend for himself. As his elephant family tried to cross a flooded river, it washed Moyo away.

Luckily, Moyo was rescued by rangers who airlifted him to a rescue and rehab center in Harare; Wild is Life. The founder of the center, 

Roxy Danckwerst was responsible for baby elephants, as well. She and her dedicated team, have rescued many baby elephants and rehabilitated them so they would be ready to be released in the wild.

The orphaned baby elephant was 56 kilos. Sadly, he was scared of everything and sick too. Roxy was there to nurse him till he grows in size and personality.

The caretaker understood that the baby elephant needed a mom and so she slept by his side at nights hoping Moyo will eventually gain trust in his human mom.

Moyo means “of the heart,” and he surely has a soft spot in Roxy’s heart. The pair formed a special bond and is inseparable now. Moyo follows his mommy despite his size and never lets her out of eyeshot. He feels comfortable napping on her sofa by Roxy’s side and walking around her house.

Elephants are extremely social and rely on each other, especially calves. Roxy had to nurse Moyo round-the-clock, and the baby wildlife became a pampered calf. He follows her to the kitchen and grabs some yummy stuff. She calls him “an elephant with a silver spoon in his mouth”.

Releasing Moyo back into the wild will be heartbreaking for Roxy since they have been undivided, but Roxy knows this is what best for the sweet calf.

Meanwhile, Moyo has been assisting Roxy nursing and helping orphaned calves and make them feel accompanied. One of her favorite activities is to go swimming, playing around, and take care of baby elephants.


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