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Choppers Drop Off Carrots To Feed Starving Wildlife In The Australian Bushfire Crisis

As the Australian bushfire crisis is receiving more and more international attention for all the right reasons, people and organizations from all over the world are teaming up to stop the devastating wildfires and help the casualties.

According to experts, a staggering one billion animals are now estimated dead, as a result of the ongoing crisis. Those who remained alive are at risk of death due to injuries and hunger.

To save the at-risk nature of Australia’s marsupial population, an ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ was declared by the Wildlife Service and the NSW National Parks. In the framework of the operation, aircraft are sent to feed countless starving animals that fell victims to the wildfires.

Among the initiatives, the New South Wales government has been dropping thousands of kilograms of sweet potato and carrots from above to give the wildlife population a change of survival, mainly the small-eared rock-wallabies.

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