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“I’m Not Leaving You, Mama!” This is What Love Looks Like.

Lizzie and Phantom are currently recovering in an outdoor koala ward within the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. They are doing great and while Phantom is curious of his new surroundings and loves exploring it, the mommy gets to rest. We pray for Lizzy to recover completely as soon as possible.

The love between a mother and her children is the strongest power on Earth. Animal moms are attached and devoted to their young ones the same way the humans are. So no matter the species they belong to, a mother will always be a mother, ready to sacrifice it all for her offspring’s well-being.

Two koalas from Australia prove this to be right once again.

Two weeks ago, Lizzie and her joey, Phantom were hit by a car. After the accident, they were quickly transferred to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Fortunately, the six-month-old baby didn’t suffer any injuries, but his mommy had to undergo a surgery for her lungs had collapsed and she experienced facial trauma.

During the procedure, the lovely baby wasn’t willing to leave his mother’s side and clung to her. The vet realized it would be for the best if they let them stick to each other and provide comfort, because splitting them could easily traumatize them and make them anxious.

Thanks to the doctors and the warmth of Phantom’s hugs, the surgery went well.


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