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One Cat Tragically Loses Her Ears And Receives A Stylish Crocheted Pair To Replace Them

This Cat May Have Lost Her Ears, But She’s Got Enough Spirit For All Of Us

Whenever we dress up like cats on Halloween, we all know that the essential part to complete the costume is the cat’s ears. A cat is defined by its iconic triangular-shaped ears; they help to differentiate between a cat and a completely separate animal. Cat ears could also help distinguish different breeds of cats.

So, what happens when we bump into a cat with no ears at all? It’s almost unthinkable.

Lady in a Fur Coat is a Furry Feline That Unfortunately Lost Her Ears, Because of an Aggressive Chronic Infection

Lady arrived at the Dane County Humane Society shelter, in Wisconsin, about a year ago. The staff soon came to realize that little Lady had an adamant time on the streets because she was contaminated with a severe infection that could’ve risked her life. 

Lady had survived the infection; however, her ears weren’t so lucky. Her precious ear flaps were removed entirely to save her life. 

Although Lady is Ear-less Now, She Doesn’t Allow Tragedy to Overpower Her, and Keeps Showing the World What a Sweet, Incredible Fluffball She Really is 

At a recent post on Facebook, the Dane County Humane Society shelter staff shared how much they love Lady in a Fur Coat, how remarkable she is and that she loves giving “happy head bumps” to everyone she meets.

Recently, Lady Was Given a Grand Gift – Beautiful, Brand-New Sewn Cat Ears

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