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Russian 9-Year-Old Exchanges His Custom Pet Paintings For Food And Medicine For Shelter Animals

By using his brush and talented hands, he makes pets’ lives better.

This young hero is here to show us how to make the world a better place using our passion.

Pavel Abramov is a young boy from Arzamas, Russia that decided to dedicate his time to paint incredible portraits of pets to help them.

Instead of playing video games or watch TV, the 9-year-old spends his spare time making pet portraits and exchanges them for animal food, medicine, and supplies to donate to a local shelter.

The kind-hearted boy has been doing it for about a year with the help of his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova, and called the project “Kind paintbrush.”

It all started when Pavel’s four-legged companion, Barsik, passed, and his awareness and care for strays have gotten bigger and so his desire to help them. He found it heartbreaking seeing stray dogs living in the street trying to fend for themselves.

Pavel wanted to honor the memory of his beloved furry friend by making a change and helping canines.

His generous way to helping homeless animals has proved itself to be successful but his volunteering career started when he and his mom opened a group on social media site called “What a little volunteer is capable of?” to prove that every person on the planet can do something positive to make the world a better place.

Pavel and his mom don’t rely on funds and organizations; they do it all by themselves with lots of dedication and passion.

Pavel contacts pet owners who are willing to provide kilograms of food and supplies in exchange for beautiful portraits of their furry companions. He gets to know his four-legged models in person, but he paints based on their photos.

He likes asking about the adoption journies, which move him and motivate him to keep on working hard.

People around the world are inspired by his project and ready to cooperate with other charitable initiatives. Moreover, good-hearted people from other countries, including Germany and Spain, have exchanged supplies for Pavel’s portraits as well.

Not only that, Pavel is the youngest volunteer of the animal shelter in Arzamas, he asks them what they need for their 100 dogs and make paintings in order to get it for them.


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