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Animals were killed illegally in the forest, police says: "it is ok"


Monday evening one of our visitors sent us a site. Brutal photos

were to be seen.

Téli Robert’s post was shocking. Deers were brutaly savagely

slaughtered. Body parts that were not used layed everywere in the


The parts of the bodies have been left there for several days.

As soon as we saw this we got into our cars and drove immediately to

the location. What we saw there can only be described as a horror.

The location was difficult to find. It was not on the GPS.

It is a small township called Gyönk.

Leaving the town for about one kilometer there are big fields full of

stands for bird watching. We knew we were on the right place and

we found a glade. The scene of the slaughtering.

Blood everywhere, one could feel the smell of death and blood.

Bonfire,beer,bloody ropes,rubber gloves,bones everywhere.

No carcases were left. For this we could not call the Police. All was

gone even the calfs that were cut out of their mother.

The scene was a horror.

At this moment in time it is ILLEGAL to hunt for deers in Hungary.So

this was an illegal bloodshed.

We assume that the horrors were not made by professional hunters

but by poachers.

But the hunters didn’t see this?

Did not hear the shootings?

Walking on the fields for two days did not see this bloody horror?

Who can cut a calf out of the mother and leave it in the middle of

nowhere? How did these poor souls suffer?

There will be no answers for these questions.

This was a mass shooting on the innocents.

One can only guees what happened.There are lot’s of pine trees cut

out.The animals were probably sleeping when the barbarians began

their killing spree. To think about this, cannot even be described.

UPDATE: The police issued a statement that no crime had occurred.

Thanks for the translation,S. Zsuzsa


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