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The place, where in the fountain no water but hundreds of executed dogs were found - HUNGARY

There’s nothing worse than standing idly by and waiting for something to happen.

Let a miracle happen after all the suffering.

The miracle in this case would be to find out who did all this.

Who has the blood of more hundreds of innocent dogs, whose only sin was to get in the hands of this cruel killer.

According to the primary hypothesis of the on-site autopsy, the dog did not die as a result of natural death, but due to a caused the trauma to his head.

He's not the only one who ended up like this.

But all seven that were pulled from the pit in one piece.

Among them there was a baby dog of just two to three months old, too, who barely lived, yet its killer thought it was no more than going to end up beaten to death in a pit.

They've been thrown here recently, like a used or bored toy. Underneath, there are already bodies of their dog mates getting putrefied, as well as bones.

Those, who would risk their lives for humans, ended up in mass graves.

This was done by someone, who doesn’t have a soul, who doesn’t deserve to live in this world and yet he lives among us.

He beat them to death and then buried them, all in cold blood, and then went to his own business.

He went to pick up more animals that would end up the same.

Because it is never going to end. Unless someone can finally do something.

Unless the police finds him from the pits of hell, because he must experience hell in this world.

He must be punished for his actions!

Animal rights activists and policemen walking to the crime scene. Sunday, 16th February

The only way to find peace for these innocent souls of the mass grave is to find their killer.

Publicity helps us, it just requires an article, and you, who share this.

Press inquiries: 0036 (70) 771 3019

Endre Kodolanyi Special Animal Rescue Unit Foundation

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